Top 8 Things WAY Harder to Get Than Health Care Coverage

When open enrollment comes around and you find you need to change your coverage, think about it. There are things we all do, without a second thought, which can be a lot harder to get than health care coverage.

  1. A spot in that great day-care before your child can baby-sit.

    It can be hard to get the preschool spot you want for your precious bundle – applications, interviews and long wait lists. What’s easier about getting health care coverage? Well, for starters, you can sign up online without ever leaving your house! Plus, if you have a qualified health insurance plan that comes with essential health benefits, though, you can relax. You are covered for the vaccinations your little one needs before starting preschool. (Getting the paperwork is still on you, though.)

  2. Tickets to a pop star concert.

    What’s easier about getting health care coverage? Health care coverage doesn’t “sell out” in seconds. Open enrollment for qualified health plans is from November 1 to December 15. Sign up in that window, and your health plans can cover an annual hearing screening. Between your tween’s excited screaming and the loud music, you may want to save that screening for after the show.

  3. A senior housing spot when your parents (or you) need it.

    Good senior housing spots can be harder to come by than preschool spots! Popular communities can boast wait times in years. What’s easier about getting health care coverage? There are no wait lists for health plans, just effective dates based on when you sign up. When you sign up for health care coverage, check out our Medicare information. Did you know Medicare plans may cover some home health agency help? Could be helpful while you wait for that apartment.

  4. A chair at the pool any day above 90 degrees.

    It’s the dog days of summer. The temperature could hit three digits. You get the kids ready, pack the pool bag, and off you go to the pool. Surprise! ALL of your best friends and neighbors had the same idea. There’s not a chair or umbrella in sight. What’s easier about getting health care coverage? Mailing in a paper application to the Marketplace. After you apply sunscreen of course. 

  5. Extra tickets for Junior's graduation.

    Ever run into a ticket shortage for a school graduation? Not being able to get grandparents or aunts and uncles through the door can be disappointing. What’s easier about getting health care coverage? At least with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) you can keep your graduates on your plan until they turn 26.

  6. The hot new tech gizmo on the day it launches.

    Every time a hot new gadget hits the market, it seems to sell out faster than you can say, “How cool!” What’s easier about getting health care coverage? If you are a gizmo-loving 26 six years old or younger, your parents can add you to their health plan. 

  7. An affordable apartment. Anywhere.

    We get it. Life is expensive and seems more so every day. What’s easier about getting health care coverage? You may qualify for a federal premium tax credit. 

  8. Great daily deals before they sell out.

    Ever get excited about a great new daily deal only to find several thousand other shoppers beat you to it? What’s easier about getting health care coverage? If you are a student on a budget, check if your university offers healthcare coverage.

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