Are You in the Money? Or in the Red?

Are You in the Money? Or in the Red?

Are You in the Money? Or in the Red?

When you think about taking better care of yourself, what are the first things that come to mind? Maybe you think you should eat more fruits and veggies. Maybe you decide to exercise more, get more sleep, or finally get that annual checkup.

Those are all important to-dos, but have you thought about your finances? Money can be a big source of stress. Especially if you feel like your financial situation isn’t under control.

Financial well-being is an important to your overall well-being. By taking charge of financial decisions, you can stress less because you will feel better prepared for the future.

Here are 10 ways you can begin to improve your overall financial well-being. Remember, reaching any goal often begins with small steps. Start with one or two of the steps. As you become more comfortable, put others into action.

  1. Be a smart shopper
  2. Set a savings goal
  3. Check out savings and budgeting apps
  4. Research, then choose a savings account
  5. Make saving automatic
  6. Establish an emergency fund
  7. Monitor your monthly expenses
  8. Set a budget
  9. Use a flexible spending account for medical, day care or commuting expenses
  10. Track your progress and reward yourself when you reach your financial goal!

Remember, baby steps still move you forward. Anything you can do to help get ahead will be good for your health and well-being in the long run.

What are you doing to secure your financial well-being?

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Originally published 8/28/2017; Revised 2021

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