Parents Can Learn to Do it All: Work, Family and Fitness

Dr. Derek Robinson is a busy man. Not only is he a Blue Cross and Blue Shield vice president, he also works as an emergency room doctor. And he and his wife, who is also a busy doctor, have two young children.

So how does he manage to fit exercise into such a busy schedule? Dr. Robinson admits it isn’t without challenges. He’s made some adjustments to his lifestyle to find a balance that works for him and his waistline.

Watch the video to learn how Dr. Robinson juggles corporate life, a weekend job, his family and staying fit!

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Parents, ditch the guilt.
Lack of time, no motivation and finding exercise boring are some of the most common reasons 2 out of 3 adults in the U.S. don’t get the recommended levels of exercise. Here’s another one: guilt.

But making regular exercise for yourself a priority can benefit your family, too. For starters, exercise can relieve stress. It can also keep you healthy. And when you exercise, you’re setting a good example your children to follow. Maybe they’ll even ask to do it with you!

According to a recent study, working dads and moms report feeling guilty about exercising because they think it takes time away from their family. So they let it slide.

Focusing on these following benefits can help you overcome the guilt barrier, the study suggests.

Make trade-offs. On the nights you make dinner, your spouse can take that time to get some exercise in. And when your spouse makes dinner, it’s your turn.

Find What Works for You. Don’t sweat it if you can’t make it to the gym. Here are three easy ways to squeeze fitness into your busy schedule:

Turn “me time” into “we time.” Get the whole family moving. Take your baby on a long stroll, go for a walk with your older kids, or play tag or other running games with them. You can also ride bikes, pop in an exercise DVD or dance together in the living room. Look for ways you and your family can be active together. Visit for more ideas.

Do a minimalist workout. Got seven minutes to spare? Squeeze in a workout. There are several seven-minute workout apps available for your phone or tablet. They involve cardio moves, such as running in place or jumping jacks, and resistance exercises using your body weight, like planks and tricep dips.

Warm up and cool down by walking around for a minute or two before and after your mini workout. Even little bits of exercise here and there add up to better fitness. Don’t forget that making the more active choice (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator) can also help you up that daily exercise burn!

So tell us, how do you squeeze it in?

Sources:; BMC Public Health, June 27, 2014

Show Transcript

I think that one of the greatest blessings and I received as the ability to care for patients in a clinical setting so even as my health care executive role is grown over the years I still made a commitment to see patients at least a few days a month although I'm a position I have a million excuses for why she and exercise time in my career my father I have a two year old and a four year old white who's a position as well its means we can both be on exercise and at the same time but I had to make a commitment to myself and to my family and also to be a good role model for patients that I would get in the recommended amount of exercise each week so it's challenging to find the time to exercise my wife and I have busy schedules and we work something out where certain days of the week she works out in the mornings and other days a week and I work out in the mornings and we take turns getting your kids back in court today care of those mornings we also made a commitment around the title food that we need and what time in trying to be good role model to kids as well I think having a partner that is committed to helping well in this has been a great motivator for me I was a little late with my new year's resolution plan came from louisiana we gotta go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras each year after more about this year I decided that I would give up bread at least for the Lenten period and so one of the things I notices given a prick combined with my exercise regimen here actually a closed room little bit bigger than they used to be so when you're sitting at your desk all day don't get your heart rate up your content to a I find it very useful to get up and stretch at least every hour or fortunately I'm usually heading between meetings during the day so I have a reason to get up from my desk and move out but he find yourself at your desk Rd I would encourage you to get up on a regular basis stretch to a lap around the building of getting grab a glass of water come back to your desk and just make that kind of a regular cycles that you're up and you improve your circulation and keeping your mental faculties very alert.


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