Blue Boxes Equal Food

 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) has partnered with St. Martin’s Hospitality Center to help feed students facing hunger in four elementary schools in Albuquerque. Through Project Blue Box, St. Martin staff members are delivering nutritious meals that students take home with them to assist families that are struggling with food insecurity in the heart of downtown Albuquerque. 

 St. Martin’s goal for Project Blue Box is to improve the health of participating children and their families, increase the children’s nutrition knowledge and improve the children’s overall academic performance. The original project targeted 60 children and their families but has already grown to cover 70 families. Each week, children will take home a food box containing nutritious food, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. St. Martin’s will also provide monthly classes on nutritious meal preparation. It is expected that the combination of weekly food boxes, nutritional counseling and meal preparation classes will help reduce the negative health effects of hunger and allow the students to do better in the classroom.

 The Project Blue Box funding comes through the BCBSNM Healthy Kids, Healthy Families (HKHF) initiative, working to improve physical activity and nutrition, promote safe environments and manage and or prevent disease. This is the first year that St. Martin’s has received a grant through the HKHF program. 


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