Blue Bear Helps Children Learn About Healthy Smiles

Tooth decay is a common, yet preventable, chronic disease for children. That’s why Blue Bear, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico’s health and wellness ambassador, is on a mission to help kids form healthy habits that keep them smiling.

Show Transcript


ANGELA GONZALES: Today we are at the library and we are actually doing a children’s activity which is going to include a presentation of dental care and we also have this great model that the children can practice their skills on.

 I will teach about how many teeth they have in their mouth.  The four different types of teeth, the different names for the teeth, how many times a day they should floss, how many times a year they will go and see their dental provider and just some other fun facts about teeth and the children will be challenge to show Blue Bear to brush their teeth. The correct way to floss and actually to help explain to Blue Bear how many teeth we have in our mouth and what could happen to the gums, if we don’t brush our teeth and then the second part of the demonstration we will be coming into this room and what we are going to be doing we are going to I am going challenge and draw a healthy smile and it all starts with a healthy smile and mouth.

DAISY: It great they learn a lot about what teeth are what and how to brush properly and floss. I think she will remember this every time she brushes her teeth which is good. It will encourage her to brush her teeth and keep them clean.

ANGELA GONZALES: There’s a big gap in health for our children and even adult so we think that by offering these activities and learning experiences with Blue Bear is another way that we can enhance that.