BCBSNM Care Van Program

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico's Care Van® program provides mobile health clinics to help improve access to preventive care in New Mexico.

Show Transcript

Since 2006 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico’s Care Van program has provided a mobile health clinic helping to improve health care access across the state.  In 2018 we unveiled a second Care Van to help more New Mexicans especially people in under-served rural areas.  

Our Care Van travel statewide to health fairs and community events. We visit schools, senior centers and many other places throughout New Mexico. The Care Vans team up with independent health care providers who perform health screenings and immunizations.  Examples of services include flu shots, dental screenings, cholesterol testing and vision screenings.  

Equipped front door and a back door, the Care Vans feature three private screening rooms. Layouts are flexible providing a variety of setups for different types of screenings. The first room includes a bench seat and a nurse’s station. The second room features a slide out that creates a larger work area and the third room contains a table and chairs. Both Care Vans can also accommodate a dental chair. We stock each Care Van with basic medical supplies such as blood pressure cuffs, glucose meters, gloves and bandages. We also provide health education materials and space for provider materials.  

Once a Care Van arrives at a location it takes just over an hour to set up. The best location is a level area about the length of five parking spaces. Each Care Van is over 30 feet in length, 8 feet wide, 12 feet tall and weighs over 14 thousand pounds. Each Care Van has a generator, heating and cooling, laptops a printer and Wi-Fi. They require no outside power hook up. Each vehicle has a hydraulic leveler which helps create a stable working environment. The Care Van also provides a shaded waiting area.  

There is no cost to access these services in the Care Vans and we provide the program at no extra cost to support the outreach efforts of community organizations. Such organizations may request a Care Van for community health and outreach services by phone. 

We are dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of our state. As our Care Van program grows we look forward to helping New Mexicans stay healthy. For more information visit bcbsnm.com.