Fiesta de Salud para Familias

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico held the Fiesta de Salud para Familias community health fair at New Mexico Family Services in Sunland Park, New Mexico. The goal of the event was to address the health care needs of families in rural southern New Mexico by providing tools and resources to help them access care.

Show Transcript

CROWD: Let’s go Blue!

WEI-ANN BAY: We’re here today in Sunland Park, New Mexico it’s a community event which we have our providers here, providing services. We have our Care Van here which will also provide services such as dental screening and retinal eye screening. It is way to bring several services together for our community and our members. There is also going to be a lot of education going on here such as nutrition.

JAVIER PEREA: What this event means for the community is hope and opportunities to improve one’s health and sometimes in these small communities it is hard for people to understand the importance to be doing preventive maintenance in their house rather than the last minute to go to the emergency room. Having these opportunities in events like this to do those checkups  that they need to do on a regular basis. It provides hope they we can find solutions to the problems that are ailing our communities today.

BECKY SANCHEZ: We are doing dental screening exams so our students are actually doing the screenings and we have couple of our instructors like myself here, supervising our students and they are basically looking for decay they are look for signs of periodontal disease. We have a little form that they are going by and were talking with patients and what our basic findings are, recommending that they have a dental exam. These events help them to at least determine that they have a need so they can check into that need.

JUNE DONOHUE: If you don’t receive a screening you don’t really know what is going on with your health. It is necessary to have screenings for prevention of diabetes or management of diabetes. We have a diabetes educator here and he will be talking to people about their diabetes prevention and about their diabetes management through proper nutrition and proper care.

LOURDES TORRES: A lot of people don’t know of the services that are being done and the services that we are providing here with New Mexico Family Services so it is not just important with New Mexico Family Services, but also as an integrated approach with our vendors that are out there in the community. We are trying to see if we can continue doing this type of networking to help the families. It is important for us to continue the outreach and to continue the outreach not just for today here but to the end of the year.

SALLY FRIAS: We are invited to come out by Blue Cross and Blue Shield a lot of good information that we learned. We learned a lot about different resources, different ways to prepare meals at the different booths that is setup outside as well.

VICTOR LLOG: We have been able to partner with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and be able to reach out to the community and bring those people in and in partnership with you guys and it will touch a lot of lives today so it has been good.  It has been a great opportunity for the people of Sunland Park.