Endorphin Power Company

We are covering transitional housing from the Endorphin Power Company. This is for Blue Cross Community Centennial members experiencing homelessness due to substance abuse. Check out this video to see how the program is making a difference for one of our members.

Show Transcript

JEFF HOLLAND: Blue Cross and Endorphin Power Company are now partners in this journey where we take people that have been screened and assessed to be appropriate for our program and they come in and they get the support we offer. It has far surpassed everybody’s expectations at how well the people seem to be doing when they come to our program and I think the community support the vertically intergraded services that we provide and the ability to just ease the burden of housing insecurity and financial insecurity which allows them to build a foundation on which they can restart their life. I would say we saved a lot of money we are taking people that are chronically homeless, chronically in and out of emergency rooms, in and out of psychiatric units and we reduced that.  

For a person to be eligible for the Endorphin Power Company they can apply at any time. We require that they have 30 days clean and sober. This way they are past any dangers that detox might present, as far as seizures or withdraw symptoms that might need medical attention. Probably about 300 people that come around here; we don’t have a high turnover rate and the reason for that the people who come through our program usually stay for a long time. We don’t have high recidivism; our average length of stay is almost 200 days. Probably somewhere between 20 and 34 people every year that come through the program. 

The young man that you are going to meet Noah is the very first person that we brought into Endorphin Power Company through Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I think when you hear his story, nothing short of miraculous. Blue Cross has a large part to play in that and I am proud that Endorphin Power Company does as well.  


NOAH: I was in a long term relationship with my ex-girlfriend for 18 years, because of the depression and the substance abuse I got to the point where it was not a sustainable relationship any more. In 2018 I showed up at my ex’s house which I was staying at still and shot myself point blank in the chest.  


NOAH: I didn’t have anywhere to go. With a backpack full of clothes I went downtown and started walking around to the local homeless shelters that I knew.  I kind of had a panic attack set in a little bit and so I went back to the psychiatric behavioral health unit that I was at in December and told that I was contemplating suicide again. I was able to stay 11 days there, and they kept me those days trying to find a homeless shelter for me to go into. The shelters are nice to sleep at night and then at 5 in the morning they wake you up and drop you off downtown at 6 in the morning. 

I met Jude Payne who is my care coordinator with Blue Cross and Blue Shield she is the best advocate I had on my side to be honest with you.  She was talking with her supervisor Russ and they were both trying get something together. They knew the situation, they knew that something needed to be done or else I was going to be back on the street in a worse situation than I was at the time.  

The shelter, typically the maximum is 60 days; I was already coming up on my 90 day mark. I am starting to freak out a little bit, but Jude is telling me no, Russ and I am working hard on this thing. We are looking at place called Endorphin Power Company you come and do the tour of the property and make sure you are going to be a good fit for the community, because there are 18 other people are living here. If they feel that you are going to be a good fit, you come back and do service work for the community. They progressed me to the next step, during the community vote in you will sit in front of the entire community tell your story, so I walked back in to a applause and they let me come an move in. I walked in to my own space, something that I haven’t had for a long time at the point.  

The amount of support I found here is unlike anything I have had, even with family. They saved my life, Blue Cross and Blue Shield saved my life.  

JUDE PAYNE: This program provides such a strong community and support for our members who are still trying to maintain sobriety while going back into the community. He has been a real success story he regards Endorphin as his family. I have no doubt that my future members who will arrive will have the same experience here.