Helping New Mexicans Get Covered

For the uninsured, costs related to chronic disease management, urgent care, or preventive checkups may be unaffordable, preventing people from getting the health care they need to lead happier and healthier lives. To help people learn about their options, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM) launched the community-based Be Covered campaign. The initiative included statewide health and wellness events to provide outreach in underserved communities and to share meaningful information about health insurance enrollment.

Show Transcript

JANICE TORREZ: This event is Be Covered New Mexico and it is an unbranded event because we wanted to engage our community partners in the same goal that we have and that’s to provide education to the community and to hopefully enroll those folks that we may not insure today.  

It is really all about providing individuals and families with information about health insurance; why is it is important whether they are insured or under insured. Providing them the information that they need to make the best decisions for their families. We know in New Mexico there’s about 200,000 folks that remain uninsured. Many of those are eligible for subsidies or Medicaid. We wanted to be able to partner with our community partners Be Well New Mexico and the State of New Mexico to provide information for folks to enroll in Medicaid and the health insurance exchange.

This is the third event. The first one was in Santa Fe, the second one was in Las Cruces and we ended up here in Albuquerque. The reason why we picked the events and the locations of these events this is where most of the uninsured folks reside. We wanted to make sure that we made it convenient for the community to be able to come out enjoy the events and learn about health insurance.

CONSUELO BOLAGH-COWDER: Today we have some really great screenings available to our community members who are attending this event. Vision, dental, glucose testing, we have some of our pharmacy representatives to really support any type of question. We have lots and lots of different literature that available and to really insure that they are getting all the health and wellness that they need.

DAVID SANDOVAL: I learn about the options and what you guys provide for the community and to me that means a lot. I came to the event to check on my health, my vision and my wife needs glasses and we came to place that is affordable to help her.

We went through the whole lines we went through all of them, because people that can’t read English or Spanish don’t understand the programs and I am glad you have bi-lingual translators to help them with their program.

JANICE TORREZ: Health is very holistic it’s about making sure that we community resources for folks that might experience homelessness. Those might have experienced food insecurities and those are eligible for coverage that they don’t even know they are eligible coverage let’s get them insured.