Living365 : Helping Members Be Healthier

Living365 : Helping Members Be Healthier

Living365 : Helping Members Be Healthier

Do you have a chronic health problem like diabetes or asthma?

It’s important you understand your condition. That means knowing the symptoms and learning to manage them.

That’s where our Living365® program comes in. The program gives our members in-home test kits, print and online education, and more.

We also offer in-person classes for our members at drugstores around the state. Classes are led by local pharmacists and dietitians, who talk about taking care of diabetes and asthma/COPD. They will:

  • Give members guidance on taking care of their health issues
  • Talk about better food and lifestyle choices
  • Allow time to answer questions

“We began Living365 to support our members living with life-long health issues,” says Jay Gandhi, vice president of pharmacy at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico. “We want members to know they are not alone with their condition. Each day, we strive to help our members through their health care journey.”

Originally published December 21, 2018


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