• Help is Available for Members Affected by Natural Disasters

    April 12, 2024
    Recovering from a natural disaster is never easy. We're here to help our members when tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and severe weather cause havoc. If you've been affected by a natural disaster, we can help you: Find a doctor of hospital ...
  • Spring Has (Still) Sprung

    March 12, 2024
    Over 50 million Americans live with seasonal allergies. Most of them are prepared for the coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing days when everything starts to bloom in spring. Now they need to be prepared for the reaction of others around them. In the...
  • What You Should Know About the COVID-19 Vaccines

    May 11, 2023
    Millions of people in the United States have been vaccinated. That number grows every day. We can all breathe a sigh of relief, right? Not so fast. The vaccine story isn’t simple – at least not for coronavirus. And that’s because v...
  • How to Spot COVID-19 Scams and What You Should Do

    May 11, 2023
    Criminals are using the COVID-19 pandemic to steal identities and commit health care fraud. Be wary if you get a call or text asking for your BCBSNM member ID number or other private information like your social security number, date o...
  • Chronic Conditions and COVID-19: Taking Care of You

    May 11, 2023
    Diabetes, asthma, heart disease, cancer. These and other chronic conditions need your attention every day – even with COVID-19 limiting some of our normal routines. These conditions also mean you have a higher risk of getting very ill if you c...
  • COVID-19: What You Need to Know

    The COVID virus is here to stay, and the situation can change quickly. To get the latest updates, go to the Centers for Disease Control’s special COVID-19 website. Here you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about CO...
  • Where to Go for COVID-19 Testing

    October 17, 2022
    The Covid-19 pandemic is waning. Still, experts think new mutations of the coronavirus to be with us for some time – maybe always. Already, there have been 12 variants tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some are m...
  • Información importante sobre COVID-19

    March 10, 2022
    La situación de COVID-19 cambia rápidamente. Para mantenerte al día con lo más reciente sobre COVID-19, visita la página especial que fue creada por los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enferm...