Albuquerque nursing homes/assisted living facilities that are in the BCBS network?

Please provide a listing of nursing/assisted living facilities in the Albuquerque area that accept BCBS.

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  • Providers are in-network based on your plan, so we would need to review your plan information in order to determine which nursing home/assisted living facilities are in-network for your plan.

    If you'd like to send us a private message we can have someone check on this.

    If you'd rather not send us a private message you can search for in-network providers by utilizing the Provider Finder on Blue Access for Members (BAM). Once you have signed in to your account on our website at you will want to select the Doctors & Hospitals tab and click the link to: Find a Doctor or Hospital. Once redirected, you will need to use the white box near the center of the screen to search for a provider by name or provider type/specialty. It is recommended that you always verify with the provider that he/she is in-network at the time services are rendered. ~ Kayla