Choosing the Right Plan Type: Medical, Dental and Vision? Oh My!

Choosing the Right Plan Type: Medical, Dental and Vision? Oh My!

Choosing the Right Plan Type: Medical, Dental and Vision? Oh My!

“Once They Were One, Now They Are Three?”

“Medical, dental and vision.” Did you ever have health coverage through work? They seemed like a package deal, right?  They may actually have been separate contracts or companies.  Your human resources team just made them seem seamless. Front desk folks at the dentist and eye doctor would take your medical card.  Then, “Voila!” they could often find details about whatever dental or vision coverage came “with it.”

Today, many people are buying health coverage on their own.  What “comes with” medical coverage may be different than you are used to. You may want to buy dental and vision coverage as well as medical coverage. Think of it like being your very own buddy in human resources.  Be sure to take a look at how dental and vision coverages work.

What Does My Medical Cover for Dental and Vision?

Dental Details

Have you signed up for health coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM)? You may remember that dental coverage options are right there on our application.  When you get a health plan that covers your children under age 19, you may also sign them up for dental coverage. Members can look up network dentists in Provider Finder® through their Blue Access for MembersSM account. Remember how we say it’s best to stay in network with your medical coverage? The same applies for dental coverage. Try to use in-network dentists to help keep your costs down. Also be sure to check your plan for details about what’s covered (or not), whether you see a network dentist or one who is out of the network.

Dental benefits for BCBSNM individual members include savings on preventive services like checkups, cleanings and basic X-rays. You can also save on dental work like fillings, bridges and crowns. If you have dental coverage, check your coverage details to see what your share of the costs will be for preventive visits and what your savings may be on dental services.

Vision at a Glance

All qualified BCBSNM health coverage includes vision coverage for kids. It’s not a separate policy or premium like dental is. Kids’ vision benefits include one full eye exam a year with no cost to you. Kids get a pair of eyeglass frames with your deductible or coinsurance. You may also need to choose from certain kinds of lenses or frames. (Remember, too, there’s just one set per year.)

Adult BCBSNM members who are interested in annual vision exams may want to get additional vision coverage from VSP Vision Care.   You can sign up through Blue Access for Members.  Members also have access to eyewear discounts through EyeMed. 

What’s The Deal with Discounts?

What if you will need more frequent exams or treatments for your eyes? Don’t forget that with your BCBSNM membership, you also may have access to more dental and vision discount offers through Blue365.

EyeMed is an independent company that administers the vision benefits for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico.
Vision plans are offered by VSP Vision Care. VSP is an independent company that does not offer Blue Cross and Blue Shield products and services and is solely responsible for the products and services it offers. VSP Vision Care will pay commission fees on plans purchased to a company affiliated with BCBSNM.
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