Check Your Coverage and Other Tips to Move Like a Pro

Check Your Coverage and Other Tips to Move Like a Pro

Check Your Coverage and Other Tips to Move Like a Pro

Moving can be exciting  whatever your reason. You might relocate for a new job. Maybe you want to be closer to family. Perhaps you’re pulling up roots just for the thrill of living in a different place.

Still, moving can also be stressful. There are a lot of details to coordinate. Finding a new place to live, boxing up your belongings, and getting everything from point A to point B are just a few. Some important things can fall through the cracks.

While you’ll probably remember to forward your mail, what about your health insurance? Take steps early on to make sure you don’t have a gap in health insurance during and after your move. Here’s how you can start.

See If You’re Eligible for a Special Enrollment Period

The insurance you trusted to meet your needs in Dallas may not be available in Albuquerque  or wherever you move. You could find yourself outside your health plan network. Don’t worry. Moving is considered a “qualifying event” that allows you to get another health plan during a special enrollment period (SEP).

You may qualify for special enrollment if you move:

  • Out of state
  • Within state, but your health plan network isn’t available in your new town
  • Within the city, if your plan has a small, regional network
Be Aware of the 60-Day Deadline

If your move falls into a SEP category, you’ll have 60 days to change your plan or get a new one after moving. If you don’t qualify for special enrollment, you may be eligible for temporary or short-term coverage to help you get by until the next annual open enrollment period (OEP). 

To make your move less stressful, try these tips:

Forward Your Mail to Your New Address
You may remember to change your address for your Internet and banking statements, but what about your online shopping and streaming accounts? You can easily take care of forwarding everything online at USPS. leaving site icon

Pack an Essentials Box
There’s nothing worse than trying to settle in and having no idea which box your toothbrush or toilet paper is in. Pack essential items you’ll need your first night together in clear or well-labeled boxes.

Clearly Label All Boxes
Mark every box with the room it belongs in. Doing so ensures they are placed in the correct room and makes unpacking easier.

Turn On Your Utilities
Electric, gas, internet and cable services may require a day or two to get set up. Plan to have them activated before your arrival so you aren’t left in the dark or the cold.

While moving can be a hectic, it will go a lot more smoothly with a little advance planning and preparation.

Source:  How to Make Moving Less Stressful, leaving site icon, 2019

Originally published 9/2/2015; Revised 2022, 2024