4 Ways to Make Health Insurance Work for Small Business

4 Ways to Make Health Insurance Work for Small Business

4 Ways to Make Health Insurance Work for Small Business

Small business owners have a lot of decisions to make. Some are fun and creative.  Others affect the bottom line. Those who offer health benefits enjoy a number of business advantages. Here are a few.

More Productive Employees
When it comes to success, a productive and healthy workplace is must. A MetLife study   found that employees value health insurance over all other benefits. In fact, 86 percent said it is a “must-have.”

Employers are in sync. Eight-six percent said they feel “a responsibility for the health and well-being of their employees.” Of course, decades of data show health insurance is linked to higher work productivity.

With health insurance, employers help protect employees and their families. Coverage for wellness visits, prescription drugs, chronic conditions, health emergencies, and mental health benefits help employees stay happy, healthy and working!

Possible Tax Benefits
Health insurance offers tax advantages for employers and employees. Businesses can often claim deductions and payroll tax benefits. Employees can use pre-tax dollars to help cover their part of health care premiums. To learn more about tax benefits, talk with a tax or legal advisor.

Retain Top Talent
A Clutch   study reveals that more than half of all employees say health insurance is the benefit that most affects their job satisfaction. Offering coverage to employees helps businesses compete for the best employees and keep them.

Wondering if Your Small Business Can Offer Health Coverage?
In some cases, employers who want to offer coverage as a group, can do so with only one full-time employee (subject to eligibility rules). This allows employers to provide access to a broad network of health care providers.

Employers providing group coverage may be able to offer more than one benefit plan and network option. Again, it may only take one employee. Some employers offer a large network with a smaller, local network. By doing so, they give employees a choice of providers and price options. Employees and their families can then access care when and where they need it.

Owning and managing a small business can be tough. Making health insurance work for you and your employees shouldn’t be. As you make important decisions for your small business, consider health insurance to give you and your employee’s peace of mind.

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Originally published 4/26/2018; Revised 2022