Blue Bear Fun Facts

Blue Bear Fun Facts

Blue Bear Fun Facts

A bear of few words, Blue Bear speaks almost exclusively in the language of hugs, but he fur sure still gets the message out about the importance of  healthy living, staying safe and giving back to the community. One of his favorite things to do is share a ride in the Care Van to help kids get immunized, because Blue Bear thinks sharing health and wellness for kids of all ages should be a number one priority. Find out more about the Care Van.

How well do you know Blue Bear? A true champion of health and wellness, Blue Bear practices good health habits every day! He eats his vegetables, always wears his helmet when riding his bike and brushes his teeth twice a day. His favorite activities include running, jumping and playing.

Blue BearBlue Bear Fun Facts

From:   Land of Blue
Favorite Color:   Green. Just kidding—it’s blue!
Favorite Food:   Blueberry Muffins (but not too often!)
Favorite Phrase:     Nothing is im-paws-ible.
Shoe Size:   14
Favorite Exercise:   Playing football, baseball, basketball and soccer. He’s an active bear!

Blue Bear’s Tip for Connect:
Visit your doctor every year and keep your immunizations up-to-date.

Blue Bear Cares About You! He Says…

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Always wear your seat belt in the car
  • Eat your fruits and vegetables
  • And wear your helmet when you ride a bike