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Marissa’s dad, who is a native Spanish speaker, needs help managing the BCBS public website. As a Customer Advocate, Marissa shows her father how to switch the site to Spanish as well as advise him on how to find Spanish language information.

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Originally published 11/24/2020; Video revised 6/2023

Show Transcript

FATHER: Marissa, I need your help with some Blue Cross and Blue Shield stuff.

MARISSA: Okay, dad. What do you need?

FATHER: I’m having a hard time understanding their website.

MARISSA: What’s the matter?

FATHER: It’s difficult to understand sometimes and I don’t know all the health insurance terms.

MARISSA: You can actually change the website from English to Spanish if that would be easier.

FATHER: I can? That would be very helpful.

MARISSA: Sure, I’ll show you. See this button in the top right corner? That’s a toggle button. And when you click it you can change the language. See? The virtual assistant, Ask Ivy, changes to Sara instead.

FATHER: That’s wonderful. What else can we change?

MARISSA: You can change your emails from Blue Cross and Blue Shield and your explanation of benefits.

FATHER: How do I do that?

MARISSA: Easy, just sign into your Blue Access for Members account and change preferences under settings by selecting Spanish. Oh, and papi if you want to find a Spanish speaking doctor you can do so by using Provider Finder.

FATHER: That would be very helpful. Thank you, mija.

MARISSA: Can I finally tell you our news now?

MOTHER: Yes, what is it?

FIANCE: What are you wearing to the wedding?