Manage My Condition

While out on a run, a BCBSNM Customer Advocate Marissa bumps into her good friend and they start discussing her mother’s health. The Customer Advocate shares a bit of insight with her friend, letting her know that there are options for her mother to get extended help with managing her diabetes. Follow along to learn more about our Customer Advocate and her life outside of BCBSNM.

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Show Transcript

MARISSA: How’s your mom doing?

FRIEND: She’s struggling with her diabetes. Do you know where she could go for help?

MARISSA: She can join a support network. They might recommend classes or a group she can be a part of.

FRIEND: Do you recommend any class in particular?

MARISSA: Practicing yoga and meditation are great activities to relieve her stress. She might also want to take a nutritional class that can explain how to eat while having diabetes.

FRIEND: When she goes in for treatment she sometimes needs something called a pre-authorization. What is that?

MARISSA: That’s when members or their doctors contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield before receiving treatment. It’s used to make sure that the service or procedure is needed and covered.

FRIEND: Hmmm…so is that her doctor’s responsibility?

MARISSA: Yes, but it’s also important for your mom to know as well.

FRIEND: I’ll let her know. She always takes your advice.