VaxViewNM: All Your Shot Records in One Secure Place

VaxViewNM: All Your Shot Records in One Secure Place

VaxViewNM: All Your Shot Records in One Secure Place

Lee esto en EspañolDid you just enroll your kiddos in a new school or daycare? Is your college junior about to spend a semester studying abroad. Are you enlisting in the military? Do you have a new primary care physician you need to bring up to speed on your medical history?

In every scenario, you’ll need to share your vaccine info. Given that daily life can be hectic, who has time to chase down their vaccine records from different pharmacies, clinics or care providers? Now you don’t have to.

A record of all the vaccines you and your children receive are stored in one secure and convenient place — VaxViewNMleaving site icon

What Is VaxViewNM?

VaxViewNM is a free secure internet portal that accesses the immunization registry run by the New Mexico Department of Health. Every time a child or adult gets a vaccine, it is recorded in the registry’s database.

All health care providers in the state are required to report every immunizations to the New Mexico Statewide Immunization Information System (NMSIIS). Patients and guardians who want to opt-out of the registry must ask for an exemption.

A secure and confidential portal leaving site icon allows individuals, parents and guardians to access needed vaccine records. Two-factor authentication via text or email helps validate patient, parent and guardian requests to protect participants' private information.

Who Else Can Access the Registry?

Doctors, nurses and other New Mexico health care providers check the registry as needed to see vaccine history. Private and public schools also use it to verify vaccine status of their students. You can find a list of school-required vaccines and exemption forms in English and Spanish on the New Mexico Department of Health websiteleaving site icon

See your vaccine history — anytime 24/7.
Want to know when you’re due for another Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap) booster? Can’t remember if your infant has received an Hepatitis B vaccine? Wonder when your child should get their first HPV shot? VaxViewNM keeps track of everything for you. It even makes personalized recommendations.

With the most up-to-date info at your fingertips, you and your family won’t miss the vaccines you need. Being in the know can help you all stay healthy and save money.

You can even print a copy of your vaccine record to easily show proof of vaccination at work and school.

Need to Access Your Records?

It’s easy to find and view your or your child’s shot record. Simply go to the VaxViewNM portal leaving site icon to get started. You’ll need to provide:

  • Name (either yours or your child’s or guardian’s name)
  • Date of birth
  • Cell phone number or email address

Stay up-to-date on vaccines to help keep New Mexico healthy and safe.