• Supporting Dental Work for New Mexicans in Need

    June 11, 2020
    Joseph Murphy struggled with dental problems throughout his life. “It was an inevitability that I was going to lose all my teeth at some point,” Murphy said. He needed dentures, but the work wasn’t covered by Murphy’s insuranc...
  • Access to Dance, a Path to Unlimited Possibilities

    June 9, 2020
    This is a guest blog presented by Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts. This year, Keshet received a Healthy Kids, Healthy Families grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico to provide access to dance and physical activity in a safe environment...
  • Volunteer of the Year Helps People Experiencing Homelessness

    February 26, 2020
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico’s (BCBSNM) annual Volunteer of the Year award celebrates a BCBSNM employee who makes a difference in their community. In 2019, Lenora Salas Blackbird, a pharmacy operations representative at BCBSNM, was recognized...
  • Helping New Mexicans Get Covered

    January 31, 2020
    For the uninsured, costs related to chronic disease management, urgent care, or preventive checkups may be unaffordable, preventing people from getting the health care they need to lead happier and healthier lives. To help people learn about their...
  • Endorphin Power Company

    January 28, 2020
    We are covering transitional housing from the Endorphin Power Company. This is for Blue Cross Community Centennial members experiencing homelessness due to substance abuse. Check out this video to see how the program is making a difference for one...
  • Fiesta de Salud para Familias

    December 31, 2019
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico held the Fiesta de Salud para Familias community health fair at New Mexico Family Services in Sunland Park, New Mexico. The goal of the event was to address the health care needs of families in rural southern...
  • Weekend Anti-Hunger Project

    December 31, 2019
    Jardin de los Niños, a nonprofit child care center that serves children and families who are homeless and near-homeless in Las Cruces, New Mexico, received a $25,000 grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico through its Healthy Kids, Healthy...
  • New Mexico Lions Operation KidSight

    December 18, 2019
    The New Mexico Lions Crane Reading Program and New Mexico Lions Operation KidSight are working to address reading and vision problems by providing eye screenings and referrals for exams and glasses at no cost to children in need. The program is...
  • Be Covered Can Help You Understand Your Options

    December 17, 2019
    Be Covered, an education and outreach campaign aimed at helping the uninsured understand why health insurance is important.
  • Supporting Whole-Family Health

    November 18, 2019
    When parent Sarah Malufau found out about the Fit Families program, she saw a chance to help her family lead healthier lives. “We thought that this would create a great foundation for our son, Patrick, and really help us as adults, too,” ...
  • Ask a Health Care Professional: Walking For Health

    November 6, 2019
    Regular exercise, including walking, can help you lower your risk of heart disease and heart attack, lower blood pressure, control diabetes, and maintain a healthy weight. Dr. Eugene Sun, BCBSNM vice president and chief medical officer, discusses...
  • Overnight Oats in a Jar

    October 24, 2019
    Overnight oats can be a healthy, easy and inexpensive breakfast. Learn more about the health benefits of eating oats and how to make your own overnight oatmeal.
  • Mobile Health Program Brings Care to Rural New Mexico

    October 15, 2019
    New Mexico is the fifth largest state by square miles. People who live in the state are spread over a vast area. About 686,000 people live in rural parts of the state. People who live in rural places often have a greater chance of dying from heart...
  • Ask a Health Care Professional: Distracted Driving

    September 13, 2019
    Dr. Eugene Sun, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico vice president and chief medical officer, addresses the dangers of distracted driving. These can include texting and talking on cell phones, applying makeup, eating and shaving.
  • Ask a Health Care Professional: Healthy Eating

    September 11, 2019
    Food provides your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you strong and healthy. In this Ask a Health Care Professional video, Dr. Eugene Sun, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico vice president and chief medical officer, discusses healthy...