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Medicare Advantage members, listen up! Did you know you could earn up to $100 in gift cards for your Healthy Actions*?  That’s right. Whether it’s scheduling your annual wellness visit or getting your flu shot, you can earn up to $100 in gift cards while keeping up on your health. Ready to claim yours? 

Who Can Join?

Blue Cross Medicare Advantage members can get up to $100 in gift cards per year. To see if you're eligible, review your Summary of Benefits or call Customer Service at the number on your member ID card.

How Do I Get Started  ?

Claiming up to $100 in gift cards is easy! You’ll need your:

  • Member ID card
  • Date of birth
  • Email address (so you can verify your account)

You’ll see an email letting you know your account is set up and that’s it!  Each time you complete a healthy action, your account gets updated.  It may take between 30 and 90 days after your healthy action (like a wellness visit or flu shot) before you get your Healthy Action Credit. Then you can select your gift card, or even select a card type to be emailed to you automatically through automated rewards.

Completing Healthy Actions

Prevention has its rewards! So what’s wrong with treating yourself for focusing on your health?  We can’t think of any reasons!  These healthy actions might help you earn rewards:

Gift Card Information

  • You can earn only one reward per healthy action per year (If you need more than one retinal exam, you’ll only earn one reward.)
  • Healthy actions must be done in the current Plan year (You plan to get your wellness exam this year, right?)
  • You can earn up to $100 in gift cards each year

Join  the other Medicare Advantage members earning – and claiming – their gift card.  Did you ever think that staying healthy could turn into a healthy shopping trip?  Your good health is our goal.  How you spend your gift cards is up to you! 

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*Registration is required to participate. Visit  to register and see what Heathy Actions earn rewards. Maximum annual rewards of $100 in gift cards. One reward per healthy action per year. Healthy action dates of service must be in the current Plan year.

HealthMine, Inc., is an independent company that provides digital health and personal clinical engagement tools and services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.

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Last Updated: 1/10/19


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  • Hello. Last year (2016) I attempted to join this program online, and had several wellness appointments. I never received any info. on a reward for any of my doctor visits. This year I have had a colonoscopy and an annual check up with my PCP.  I see I have a $25 reward. Please explain to me what this reward is related to. Thank you. Jennifer R. Baca 505-792-0835

  • Hi Jennifer, You can contact the customer service number on your ID card and they can take a look at what happened for you. ~ Kayla

  • This would be a great program if the website was working. I have called multiple times for support and no one knows how to assist me. How am I expected to see what healthy actions I have qualified for? And please, do not suggest I call customer support. Been there, done that. I need some tech support from as everything I try to do, even when walking through with a rep on the phone, gets me to the Kansas City sign-in. I am in Albuquerque.

  • Hi CyndiWooHoo, If you can send us a private message with your name and phone number I can have someone who handles this program give you a call. ~ Kayla

  • I received a flyer from u in the mail, saying congratulations for earning $50 last year in gift cards, and reminding me to earn up to $100 in gift cards for 2019.  When I try to sign up today, I cant reset my password etc because info entered is not found. I've tried to register again for this calendar year, reset my password with no luck. I recently had a pneumonia shot and don't know if  that qualifies for a reward. I need HELP! Thx Gilda E Bolton 505-610-7080 cell or landline 505-831-4054

  • Hi Mardoqueo, You can contact customer service at the number on your ID card and they'll be able to assist you with this. ~ Kayla