Are Your Doctors Talking to Each Other?

Are Your Doctors Talking to Each Other?

Are Your Doctors Talking to Each Other?

Finding and treating eye disease early is key to maintaining good vision, especially if you have diabetes.

Screening for diabetic eye disease has saved many people from developing poor vision or even going blind.

Only a complete exam by an eye care professional can detect early eye damage. Diabetic eye disease rarely affects your vision until it has become severe. It’s important to have an annual eye exam, even if you think your eyes are fine.

To help your primary care physician (PCP) keep your diabetes plan of care current, he or she needs a copy of your test results from your eye doctor. We recommend that you ask your eye doctor to share the results of your eye exam with your PCP every year.

If your doctor hasn’t talked to you about having an eye exam, make sure to ask about one at your next visit.

To find an eye doctor or specialist near you, use our Provider Finder® tool.

Have questions about eye exams and your vision benefits?* Call the customer service number on your member ID card.

*Benefits vary by plan. Check your plan details for more information.
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