To Keep Costs Down, Stay In-Network

To Keep Costs Down, Stay In-Network

To Keep Costs Down, Stay In-Network

When you shop, you want the items you need at a fair price.  What about when you’re shopping for health care?

To keep your health care as affordable as you can, choose to use providers in your health plan’s network. A plan’s network includes the hospitals, doctors and other health care providers that participate in your health plan’s network. 

These network providers have agreed to work with your health plan to keep your costs down. If you visit a doctor outside of your network, you may have to pay more for your care. In some cases, you may even have to pay the full cost. 

Before you go for care, make sure you go to a doctor or hospital in your health plan network. By staying in the network, you can take full advantage of the discounted rates and avoid surprise charges. You’ll receive the same quality health care that you should expect from any  provider — but at the most affordable cost to you. 

Below is an example of how you can save money by staying in-network.

Sample illustration only, rates and benefits vary by plan.

To find providers in your health plan’s network, login to your account on Blue Access for MembersSM and search using the Provider Finder® tool. Or, you can call Customer Service at the number on your Member ID card.

Originally published October 1, 2018

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