Quitting Tobacco and Staying Tobacco Free

Quitting Tobacco and Staying Tobacco Free

Quitting Tobacco and Staying Tobacco Free

Being ready to quit will help you succeed. When that day comes, we’re here to help you stay strong.

Our Well onTarget® portal provides self-management programs, tips and resources to help you break free from tobacco. The digital program includes:

  1. Interactive courses with learning activities and content that focus on behavioral changes that make it easier to quit.
  2. Educational courses that can help you make positive lifestyle changes that dismantle the desire and need for tobacco.

Both allow you to study at your own pace when you have time. Best of all, these programs make it easy to learn. All of the content is based on recommendations from accredited programs and guidelines.

Quitting Tobacco addresses many of the factors that contribute to addiction. The physical, psychological, social and cultural aspects are all addressed.

Once you kick the habit, Staying Tobacco Free can help with the day-to-day aspects of staying tobacco-free. It addresses the complex physical, psychological and social and cultural factors that boost the desire to use tobacco. Key benefits of this program are trigger avoidance and social support.

Access them both through the Well onTarget Member Portal at wellontarget.com. leaving site icon  You can also use the mobile app, AlwaysOn® Wellness, to register for the Digital Self-Management programs.

You can quit. Sign up at wellontarget.comleaving site icon 

Originally published 2/14/2019; Revised 2022